With over a decade of design and manufacturing expertise, our team will ensure that your requirements are fully met.  

There are a variety of standard options available in all gradings and heights of towers that we can adapt for your specific needs. Alternatively, our specialised design engineers can design units specifically to your requirements. Past projects include design, testing, manufacture and delivery of towers internationally and locally, up to ballistic rating UL752 Level 10.

Uses of Guard Towers & Observation Posts:

Situating the guard room above ground gives the guard a clear view of the surrounding area. The height allows them to see and control any potential threats. It also gives the guard time to act before the threat is too close or even too far.

Guard towers are also beneficial when you are trying to stop something from leaving the property. Prisons use guard towers to monitor prisoners and to prevent prisoners from escaping. Game farms also use guard towers to prevent animals from escaping or poachers from entering.

Gallery of Past Projects

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