Securing homes and businesses since 1996

Fischer Integrated Services is a customer centric business-offering value added services and sales on all major brands and not just favouring one over the other
By engaging closely with our clients we have a full understanding of what their unique requirements are as we fully understand that not all businesses are the same. This allows us to best suit the equipment that would ultimately give 100% reliability and ensure increased productivity through the board.

Offering specialised & guaranteed services

Specialised services include but not limited too, design, manufacture, delivery, installation and commissioning

  • High Level Security & Specialty Safes
  • Guard Houses
  • Mobile Policing Units
  • Shooting Posts
  • Gun Ports
  • Cash Offices
  • Cash in Transit
  • Modular Guard Towers
  • Blast & Ballistic Resistant Facades
  • Customised Safes
  • Access Control
  • Safe / Panic Rooms
  • Protection, Handling & Display of Precious Metals & Gemstones
  • Anti-Bandit Doors
  • Pay Trays
  • Strong Room
  • High Level Protection Shop Fitting & Shop Fronts
  • Pay Windows